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Who wrote it ?

This song was written by Nico and I (Flo). It's a special song because there were not supposed to be such a soft song on the album. 

One day at the studio, working on the album, I came up to nico with the chorus’ melody, played on acoustic guitar, and he told me " I have an arpeggio which would fit perfectly with the chords of the chorus". It’s the first notes you hear at the beginning of the song. I immediately loved it, because of this strange feeling between happiness and sadness this melody provides. Then we worked hard 2 or 3 days in a row to produce the song the best we can.

Endless paradox, like the majority of our songs is an introspective journey into our minds, a mix between reality, personal experiences and strong/abstract feelings.

This one's about this paradoxal feeling you can encounter with someone who loves you as much as he hates you. Such a weird and complex thing that you can only experience with love.

At first the lyrics might appear cliché but it's more of a statement of what is love, where comes that strength to keep going even if you get hurt like never before and you know you’re making a mistake. We like to communicate our "messages" not only with lyrics but also with the instrumental arrangements, i mean the main guitar riff that nico wrote is much more relevant to me of what this song is about.

That's what all of our songs are about, We just want to express our feelings by playing music loud and it is a true honor to hear that some people can relate and find themselves into our work.